Changing the world for good by ‘building a better working world’!

One of my favourite firm quotes is Ernst & Young’s: ‘Building a better working world’ which has a deep and a valuable meaning in the business world. More specifically and in my opinion ‘Building a better working World’ means to work with others who share the same mission, vision and passion as you, who can make the world a better place to live and work for the common good.

When we build a better working world, we create relationships based on trust and integrity, we provide solutions based on quality and not quantity, we use our passions, experience, creativity, knowledge, abilities and skills in order to help our community, people, clients, stakeholders, company, economy, environment and of course our world.

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Also, building a better working world creates leaders who are willing to step ahead, who will make a positive impact in the world through their examples and help their fellow team members to grow, rise and learn. Because through good leaders, there are people who truly care, support, guide and help the others. They have patience, learn from their mistakes, accept challenges and opportunities, they have passions, think out of the box, get out of their comfort zone and through their vision they build a better working world which is full of visionaries, entrepreneurs, pioneers and of course leaders.

So again, ‘Building a better working World’ means to use our knowledge, experience and skills to help stakeholders such as the Government, Nonprofit organizations to solve their complex business problems, to assess threats, weaknesses, strengths and opportunities, to meet their needs, to build long time relationships based on honesty and trust, to give guidance and solutions during economic or even other crises and last but not least to care for the community and the environment.

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All these reasons, help us to build a better working world not only for us but also for the next generations that are going to come. One day these generations will carry our heritage and continue our mission and purpose but most importantly they are going to change the world for good!

»Be the change you want to see in the world.»


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