Why giving up is not an option!

Every person in this world has dreams, hopes and aspirations. In order to achieve them, we must work hard and make sacrifices. Everyone agrees that life is not easy and the door of opportunity will not come right straight to you but it is you who will knock that door and grab the golden passport which leads to your dreams.

No matter how many times you were rejected, you must find the courage to stand up and fight. Think from where you started, think about what you have built so far, think of all the sacrifices you have made. I know the feeling of rejection and believe me it’s tough but I always carry on and continue my journey because giving up is not an option.

I believe that rejection makes us stronger and people who doubted us are the ones who will watch us one day to grow and rise, and of course we will be proving them wrong.

No matter how many doors are shut in front of you, continue. No matter how many years have passed, continue. No matter how many doubters exist, continue. Always continue because giving up is not an option! Knock that door of opportunity and let faith and hope enter first!

Below I present you 10 famous people who continued their journey and didn’t give up no matter what and now they are on top of the world:

1) Dwayne Johnson

Entrepreneur mindset –

2) Rowan Atkinson

Entrepreneur mindset –

3) Colonel Sanders

Entrepreneur mindset –

4) J.K Rowling

Entrepreneur mindset –

5) Elon Musk

Entrepreneur mindset –

6) Jeff Bezos

Entrepreneur mindset –

7) Mark Zuckerberg

Entrepreneur mindset –

8) Leonardo DiCaprio

Entrepreneur mindset –

9) Mark Cuban

Entrepreneur mindset –

10) Stan Lee

Entrepreneur mindset –

Always remember do not give up and keep going!


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