Then and now: 10 adorable photos of dogs that grew up!

It is a fact that dogs are the most beautiful creatures in the world and human’s best friend. They are cute, friendly, funny, can be the best companions when you feel lonely, give you comfort when you are sad and even protect you from possible dangers.

So, dogs are precious and of course are part of the family. Many people adopt and raise dogs from the moment they born. They treat them like babies and give them love and affection. And finally when they grow up, their special bond with humans is getting bigger and stronger.

Below there are some adorable photos of people with their precious dogs that grew up, proofing that man’s best friend is adorable at any age:

1) What a big boy


2) Am I looking stunning?


3) A big hug


4) Still puppy at heart


5) A sleeping one


6) A cutie


7) A fluffy ball


8) The most lovely smile


9) A big baby


10) The happiest one


»A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.»

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